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It was my first visit to Colorado since Mother died (see “Colorado & Oklahoma: Some Downs, Some Ups”), even though my sister and one of my brothers still live there, not to mention the presence of Mydar Kroom in the mountains above Denver. I didn't get to see Mydar, even though the weather was superb throughout my eight-day stay. I did, however, see A.J. and Lew and their families.

It all started with a bid from the Peek View Jazz Society in Greeley. They pool their resources and sometimes invite traveling cats to spark up their programs. I was one such cat. Having agreed to play for them on January 21 (though it didn't pay that much, the sweet idea appealed to me), I set about getting another area gig or two. With assistance from Peter Poses of KRFC-FM (“Home-grown Radio in Fort Collins”), I contacted Dazzle, a newish Denver jazz club that I’d visited in 2003 but had never played, and their booker offered me the night of January 20.

That satisfied me, too. But then a young friend called me about a publishing matter. He’s Dr.Mark Davenport, son of the late La Noue Davenport, who was an early music specialist in New York with whom I’d played and sang (yes, early music) and also recorded a jazz record which featured a consort of recorders. La Noue and me handled the "hot" choruses on alto and tenor recorders respectively. When I told Mark of my upcoming trip to Denver, he proceeded to get us – I was working with a quartet that included several of Denver's finest – a concert date on the campus of his school, Regis University, which has lately become a hotbed for early music. That concert was scheduled for January 24.

 Wow! Now this was really getting good. Then KUVO-FM, the jazz radio station in Denver, asked us to play live in their studio on Saturday afternoon, January 22. Hey, four gigs in five days. I spent the rest of my time visiting with my kin and with old pals at KUVO and also with jazz aficionado Mitch Feldman, who wrote the liner notes for Right on My Way Home and has recently relocated to Denver, after a long sojourn in Italy, to head up INDIEgo Jazz promotions.

In the meantime. Sally flew on to the southwest corner of Colorado where she visited with her son and his family, including three yummy granddaughters. She rejoined me in time for the Regis concert and some family visiting.

As I said before, the weather in Colorado was fine, with sunny days and as temps as high as 60 degrees. In fact, it was so good that we totally forgot our overcoats (accidentally left ‘em at Sis' house) and flew home to find that two feet of snow had fallen in the East during our absence! 

© Bob Dorough (February 2005)

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